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Avoiding Wedding Drama & Disasters

The process of planning a wedding can often damage friendships, lead to arguments with in-laws, shatter hopes and cause huge power struggles. Dr. Phil says that when you're preparing for your special day, don't forget what it's really all about. Below is his advice on avoiding wedding disasters.

Don't give others too much power.

Sometimes brides-to-be feel the need to please others to ensure that their special day is a success. Often, giving in to the whims of family and friends can lead to disaster. "If you give someone enough power to ruin your day, isn't that your choice?" Dr. Phil asks. Don't say, "I do," just to please someone else. Remember that it's your day to shine.

Don't become "Bridezilla."

If you're obsessing over every little tiny detail, thinking about it all day and having nightmares about it at night, you can lose sight of what really matters. Focus on the fact that it's a day about the two of you creating a bond and a union.

Learn to ask for and accept help from loved ones.

Don't be afraid to invite your closest friends and family to help with some of the planning. To allow others to be a part of it can add to the joy of the occasion.

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The best wedding venues

Finding a perfect wedding venue for your wedding is one of the most important ingredient for a successful day. However, finding the same sometimes may be an headache. Over the course of our duties, we have identified some of the bets venues that you may love to check out.

Our list is meant for guidance only & its not in any way an endorsement of any particular venue. Thus its important for you to do backgorund checks to ascertain the status of any venues we have mentioned, should you want to consider any we have listed. Further still, if you know of any good venue that misses in the list below, kindly drop us a line & we will be happy to include it in our list.

Check out

Wedding hair

It is an absolute must for a bride to look her best on her wedding day. Everything about her person must be immaculate, if not perfect, from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head, from her shoes to her wedding gown and her veil. The wedding day is the day a bride must be at her most beautiful.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and thus a bride should get her hair to tip-top shape on the big day. The day she is to be wedded is not a time for hair disasters, so a bride-to-be must be careful in choosing what style to wear for her hair on that day. There are two things she must seriously consider in choosing her bridal hairstyle, and these are the style of her gown and the accessories she will wear.

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